Alpha 3.0alpha7

Released on:
Monday, 30 June 2008 02:00
  • BUG: "undo" as a response to "Quit?" undid the wrong command in some cases.
  • BUG: verb bodies in outer nested locations did not get executed.
  • Prohibited locating actors into containers.
  • BUG: aggregating over things in restricted containers did not consider the class restriction so did not find e.g. attributes defined for that class.
  • BUG: In loops with an "In " filter this did not restrict the class to the classes taken by the container.
  • BUG: Isa expressions and loop filters did a general lookup for the class name, so would find e.g. default syntax parameters.
  • BUG: WinArun could try to restore from an empty file reference in some cases.
  • BUG: If a multiple or omnipotent indicator was used for one syntax which shared a common prefix (starting with the same verb e.g.) would sometimes miss the indicator. Changed this to make an indicator implicitly apply to all syntaxes with the same prefix.
  • Extensive refactoring of the sources and Makefiles.
  • Removed support for the Metrowerks (old Mac) compiler.

Alan SDK for Linux

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This is the Alan SDK for Linux which consists of the compiler, an interpreter, the manual and some examples.


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