Stable Beginner's Guide v1.0

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Thursday, 08 July 2010 02:00

This is the Alan v3 Beginners Guide by Mike Arnaud (ZIP-format, with reader for Windows and HTML format for all platforms). You can read a modernised version of it online! Note that the tutorial is using bare Alan features, it does not teach you how to use the library.

NOTE! The Beginner's Guide has not been updated to reflect the last couple of years of Alan development. But it is still an excellent gentle introduction to programming with Alan. If you encounter any difficulties, read up on the latest version inĀ the manual.

NOTE! This is the inital version by Mike Arnaud. The one online is modernized in content and format. There might also be a PDF version made available for download at a later time.

Beginner's Guide v1.0 (zip)

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