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The Alan Adventure Development System is now REGISTER-WARE. This means that for use of the system you are only required to register. This is done preferably through a simple email, but postal mail will also do, and is free.

Copies of the documentation and executables can also be received from the ThoNi&GorFo Adventure Factories, henceforth called The Factories, through email for free on request. Requesting delivery through email will automatically register the receiver.

A copy of these conditions must accompany any copy of the Alan System.

J.1 Distribution

The Alan System is mainly distributed through electronic mail. This distribu- tion is free. Uploads to FTP sites and BBS are allowed, provided that the distribution package is uploaded in its original form, and download from there is of course also free.

Physical media, such as disk or tape, may be supported depending on plat- form. A requirement is that the requester supplies appropriate media. The cost for physical media distribution may vary.

J.2 Documentation

The documentation is copyrighted by The Factories. Copying is allowed pro- vided it is distributed as a whole, or quoted accompanied with appropriate ref- erences.

J.3 Executables

The Alan system contains two executable programs, the compiler Alan and the interpreter Arun.

Distribution of the interpreter alone or together with game data produced by the compiler is allowed without restrictions or royalty claims provided appro- priate references and acknowledgment accompanies the game in documenta- tion or program output. In addition a description of the game, its plot and ma- jor features, and/or the game itself (preferably in source) should be donated to The Factories. The Factories agree to any copying or copyright restrictions placed on such a game.

The compiler may not be used, other than for evaluation or trial purposes, without registering with The Factories.

Registered users will receive free notification of updates, new platforms sup- ported, information on commercially or otherwise released games and other information supplied by other users or The Factories.

J.4 Registration

Registration is free and preferably made through a simple email message. Re- questing a distribution through email will automatically register the requestor.

Registration can be done with an email:

To: alan-request@softlab.se
Subject: Alan registration
From: your email adress goes here


J.5 Source

No source will ever be placed in the public domain or otherwise disclosed to third parties except for porting to new platforms.

J.6 Examples

The Factories would appreciate any example adventures or solutions to problems to improve the documentation and user support. However Alan source marked as an example will be considered not copyrighted and may or may not be used, as a whole or in part, in the Alan documentation or distributed in other forms by decision of The Factories.

This will also add to the suite of test data and therefore im- prove the quality of future releases as well as allow us to find and document any incompatibilities. If you also enclose a solution we can automate the test- ing even further. The Factories will not redistribute your game without your written permission.

J.7 Versions, compatibility and support

The Alan System is versioned using a three level number coding scheme, in- dicating version number, release and correction respectively. Major differences in the language or the introduction of many new features will be indicated by an increment of the version number. Minor changes to the language and introduction of features are indicated by an increment of the release number. Bug fixes will increase the correction number.

Any adventure files and interpreters having the same version and release numbers will be compatible. Adventure files are also compatible across all supported platforms. This includes character sets, the intent being to correctly present any multinational character on any system. Thus complete coverage of the supported platforms from a single developement machine can be achieved.

As the Alan System is a non-profit project user support may vary. To maxim- ise probability of handling, error reports should be sent to The Factories (pref- erably by email) and include source, version of compiler and interpreter as well as a detailed description of how to reproduce the error and its symptoms.

Releases and corrections will be issued on irregular intervals.

J.8 Executive Summary

So, in short, the interpreter Arun and any game produced using the Alan Sys- tem is yours. You may sell or copy it as you like, and as you need the inter- preter to run the game it may be copied freely too. The Arun interpreter may also be uploaded on BBS'es or FTP-sites to allow players to download an in- terpreter for his platform and use that to run your game.

The documentation and examples are free to copy or place on any BBS'es or FTP-sites if their contents are not changed.

To use the Alan compiler you must register.

Distribution on disks or tape may cost depending on the media. A floppy disc distribution is free, provided you supply the disk (we'll pay the return postage).

If you create a game using the Alan System we'd like to see it. Send us a copy (preferably in source) and any documentation or a description of the game and its novel features.

Short games or samples of Alan source are most welcome as examples that we might use and distribute to other users. Sending an example means you waive all rights to it. Examples add to the suite of test data and thus helps further improve the quality of the system.

Example Adventure Table of Contents