This is the first post in a new blog here on AlanIF. We will be writing about development of Interactive Fiction using the Alan system. Alan is a very mature system, started in the mid-80's actually, and has been going through a few generations since then. It was considered one of the top tier IF systems a while back, but since the advent of Inform7 most of the tier I systems, including Alan, has fallen a bit behind in popularity.

Alan is still focused on easing the burdon of authoring IF, and the last few years the development of Alan has been going towards a version 3, a version that is getting closer every day. With the aid of a brand new, much more flexible, inheritance system, Anssi Rässainen has created a fantastically complete library that is absolutely on par with the library for any other system.

This blog will hopefully give you some hints on how Alan can be a great tool for creating great IF!

To start out I have collected all news articles on this site back to the beginning of time, so you'll have something to read until the next post!

What They Say

"Man, I just finished programming a little game with Alan, and let me tell you ALAN RULES!! It's so simple, *I* can program with it."

Rob Anderson