• Unified the automatic display of objects and actors so that they now both are listed in indefinite form. Actors are still listed separately since they might carry things and have script descriptions.
  • Moved the special actor handling of automatic display to the library.
  • Changed the message identifiers SEE_OBJ_xxxx to SEE_xxxx.
  • Removed the message identifier SEE_ACTOR.
  • Adjusted default listing of containers without a description so that it always occurs unless the container is opaque.
  • Added analysis of parameter references embedded in strings.
  • Allowed expression in Step After (previously only allowed integer).
  • Fixed a problem where you could not refer to the script of an actor, if the actor was a loop variable.
  • Fixed inheritance of Initialize clause.

What They Say

"Another thing I'm sure of, the game will again be in Alan."

Eric Mayer