• FEATURE: ellision/contraction marked by apostrophe (such as "l'aqua" in italian) is now handled so that it is first looked up as a complete word, but failing that will fallback and look for the two parts separated by the apostrophe as single words.
  • FEATURE: allow double conjunctions between player sentences, to allow such as "take the stone and then drop it". ("and" and "then" are both conjunctions).
  • BUGFIX: pack option did not work
  • BUGFIX: Random In Container sometimes crashed
  • BUGFIX: Grave accented 'È' ('è') was lost in syntaxes and synonyms
  • BUGFIX: It was possible to declare multiple pronouns but only the first one worked.
  • BUGIFX: System Error was thrown when using IN-filters and the container was a local variable.
  • BUGFIX: Division by zero crashed the interpreter, now it throws an Application Error instead.
  • BUGFIX: If the player input in a string parameter contained a dollar sign, it was expanded on output (or crashed)

What They Say

"[the game] does not represent the real capabilities of the Alan Language but does demonstrate Alan's amazing ability to allow someone who has never done an iota of computer programming of any kind to produce SOMETHING within a few weeks!"

Eric Mayer (on his game HeBGB Horrors)