Here you can find some utilities not part of the Alan system but useful for writing adventure games or interactive fiction with Alan.

Alpha AlanGrapher v0.4

Released on:
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 02:00

The AlanGrapher takes an Alan source and extracts information from it so that a graph of the map with locations and exits can be drawn.

It uses various utilities to work but should be packaged into a fairly usable package (.exe etc.). This is done using PyInstaller which creates a all-in-one executable except for one package, GraphViz.

You need to install Graphviz (fromĀ http://graphviz.org) somewhere, preferably in a folder without spaces in the names (on Windows C:/Graphviz would work). The "bin"-directory within that directory must also be included in the system path so that any program will be able to find the executables therein.

One way to check this is to open a command window or terminal and type "dot -h". This should result in some output, if it returns "No such command" or something similar, you need to check the system path.

Once this works you can just run AlanGrapher. It will prompt for a file. You can instruct it to ignore some locations from the Alan source. This can be handy to filter out "nowhere" and other non-important locations from the graph.

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What They Say

"[the game] does not represent the real capabilities of the Alan Language but does demonstrate Alan's amazing ability to allow someone who has never done an iota of computer programming of any kind to produce SOMETHING within a few weeks!"

Eric Mayer (on his game HeBGB Horrors)