AlanIDE, the complete Alan Integrated Development Environment, is an experimental (although still quite useful) application build on top of Eclipse. Here you can download AlanIDE as a complete application for your system. You will need an Alan compiler to actually compile the Alan source into a game and an interpreter to run it. You can find them here.

Read more about AlanIDE here.

Note that you need a recent Java runtime to run AlanIDE.

Alpha v0.1.5

Released on:
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 02:00
  • compilation progress bar added
  • search feature added

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Alpha v0.1.4

Released on:
Sunday, 09 September 2012 02:00
  • outline now also presents the Prompt construct
  • outline failed to show anything after a 'Can' keyword appeared in the source code
  • keyword 'Can' is now highlighted
  • error markers are shown on resources in navigator view (and propagated upwards)
  • error markers are shown on editor tabs for opened files
  • new application icon
  • a first version of introductory documentation
  • intro shown once after each update
  • possibility to select different file system location when creating new projects

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Alpha v0.0.9

Released on:
Sunday, 24 June 2012 02:00
  • a toolbar and menu with the expected "Save" and "New" entries
  • the splash screen shows the actual version
  • the (unused and confusing) interpreter preference setting was removed
  • generated game files show up automatically in the navigator so that you can click on them to start the interpreter (as set in your operating system, same as when you double click on an .a3c-file in the file system)
  • automatic updates over internet

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