• Easy to Write, Easy to Read

    Alan code is natural and easy to write. It's close to natural language so it's also easy to read and interpret, making your authoring a breeze.

  • Easy to Play

    There are interpreters for many platforms, most supporting graphics, making it easy to supplement your story with tantalizing imagery.

  • Easy to Develop

    Alan comes with an Integrated Development Environment sporting a modern environment and tools to take your edit, compile, play cycle to seconds.

There are no known bugs in Alan 3.0beta3, there are over 1200 testcases that are run before each build is made available, so nothing much slips through.

But, if you are using an older interpreter to run a game produced with the alan3.0beta3 compiler, the interpreter might crash if the game uses attributes for the entity class. So it is actually a backwards compatibility problem rather than a bug.

Older interpreters are found in distributions of Gargoyle, the very nice and popular multi-IF-format interpreter.

You can suspect that you have encountered this issue when the interpreter stops and emit either

SYSTEM ERROR: Unknown attribute for literal


SYSTEM ERROR: Can't SET/MAKE instance (0)

Then you should check the version of the interpreter you are running. If it is earlier than 3.0beta3, you are probably looking at this problem.

If you encounter this, there is an easy way to update Gargoyle. Just use a slot-in replacements for your environment and place it inside the Gargoyle directory or application. You will find the gargoyle slot-ins in the download area under Interpreters for you platform. The packages will also include instructions how to apply it in your environment.


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What They Say

"If I was to write a new text adventure I wouldn't bother with any other authoring system. Alan is just that much easier."

Felix Pleșoianu

Looking for v2?

Alan V2 is very obsolete. Use Alan v3 instead. But you can still visit the obsolete v2 information and downloads here.