• Easy to Write, Easy to Read

    Alan code is natural and easy to write. It's close to natural language so it's also easy to read and interpret, making your authoring a breeze.

  • Easy to Play

    There are interpreters for many platforms, most supporting graphics, making it easy to supplement your story with tantalizing imagery.

  • Easy to Develop

    Alan comes with an Integrated Development Environment sporting a modern environment and tools to take your edit, compile, play cycle to seconds.

Alan v2 is very obsolete. It might work for you but I strongly advice you to migrate to Alan v3. If you are starting from scratch with a new game, there is no choice.

If you want to carry some work with you there is a guide for conversion and a tool (in the SDK:s) to do the bulk work.

Here are some material on Alan v2

Again, Alan v2 is very obsolete! Thank you for upgrading!


Help paying for website, certificates and modern development tools!


What They Say

"If I was to write a new text adventure I wouldn't bother with any other authoring system. Alan is just that much easier."

Felix Pleșoianu

Looking for v2?

Alan V2 is very obsolete. Use Alan v3 instead. But you can still visit the obsolete v2 information and downloads here.