• Easy to Write, Easy to Read

    Alan code is natural and easy to write. It's close to natural language so it's also easy to read and interpret, making your authoring a breeze.

  • Easy to Play

    There are interpreters for many platforms, most supporting graphics, making it easy to supplement your story with tantalizing imagery.

  • Easy to Develop

    Alan comes with a Integrated Development Environment sporting a modern environment and tools to take your edit, compile, play cycle to seconds.

Alan v2 is very obsolete. It might work for you but I strongly advice you to migrate to Alan v3. If you are starting from scratch with a new game, there is no choice.

If you want to carry some work with you there is a guide for conversion and a tool (in the SDK:s) to do the bulk work.

Here are some material on Alan v2

Again, Alan v2 is obsolete! Thank you for upgrading!

What They Say

"Man, I just finished programming a little game with Alan, and let me tell you ALAN RULES!! It's so simple, *I* can program with it."

Rob Anderson

Looking for v2?

Alan V2 is very obsolete. Use Alan v3 instead. But you can still visit the obsolete v2 information and downloads here.