So, what's in a standard library for interactive fiction?

First, of course, there are the meta verbs such as save and transcript on/off. Except the language doesn't let you mark them as meta, so they'll use up a turn anyway. Then the absolute basics, "look" and "examine", to which I've also added "wait" and "search". (Also "use", because many players, especially those less familiar with the genre conventions, *will* try it). Basic door and device classes, too, which are needed in my game, and last but not least a full set of conversation verbs since the parser is complex enough to support them.

What They Say

"[the game] does not represent the real capabilities of the Alan Language but does demonstrate Alan's amazing ability to allow someone who has never done an iota of computer programming of any kind to produce SOMETHING within a few weeks!"

Eric Mayer (on his game HeBGB Horrors)