Development Kits

Development kits are complete distributions of Alan containing everything required to develop text adventures (or interactive fiction) with Alan. Development kits include at least both a compiler and an interpreter.

If you just want to play a game, you can find separate interpreters in the Interpreters download section.

You can supplement your SDK with the AlanIDE, extra documentation, extensions or utilities like the AlanGrapher.

If you want to keep up with the latest Alan development you can try the Development Snapshots.

Beta 3.0beta8

Released on:
Tuesday, 21 September 2021 02:00

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Beta 3.0beta7

Released on:
Sunday, 06 September 2020 02:00
  • FEATURE: ellision/contraction marked by apostrophe (such as "l'aqua" in italian) is now handled so that it is first looked up as a complete word, but failing that will fallback and look for the two parts separated by the apostrophe as single words.
  • FEATURE: allow double conjunctions between player sentences, to allow such as "take the stone and then drop it". ("and" and "then" are both conjunctions).
  • BUGFIX: pack option did not work
  • BUGFIX: Random In Container sometimes crashed
  • BUGFIX: Grave accented 'E' ('è') was lost in syntaxes and synonyms
  • BUGFIX: It was possible to declare multiple pronouns but only the first one worked.
  • BUGIFX: System Error was thrown when using IN-filters and the container was a local variable.
  • BUGFIX: Division by zero crashed the interpreter, now it throws an Application Error instead.
  • BUGFIX: If the player input in a string parameter contained a dollar sign, it was expanded on output (or crashed).

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Beta 3.0beta6

Released on:
Friday, 10 August 2018 02:00
  • FEATURE: There was no way to print $500, as that was interpreted as a symbol
  • BUGFIX: There was no way to create synonym for 'the'.
  • BUGFIX: Compiler did not adhere to "Option Debug." in the source
  • BUGFIX: You could say "Container Taking " without warnings or errors even if the class was not allowed in container (actors and locations).
  • BUGFIX: Description Checks was not respected when auto-listing instances at a location.
  • BUGFIX: Improved error handling for syntax errors in names, which previously could cause a System Error.

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Beta 3.0beta5

Released on:
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 02:00
  • FEATURE: compiler now figures out the most general class taken transitively by containers and uses that instead of entity where applicable

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Beta 3.0beta4

Released on:
Friday, 14 March 2014 01:00
  • MAJOR FEATURE: 'Indirectly' keyword to complement 'Directly In', allowing explicit transitivity of containment, see the manual
  • FEATURE: The hero is now a container by default
  • FEATURE: The hero may inherit from any subclass of actor
  • FEATURE: Actor scripts are now aborted if an error, such as an extraction failure, occurs
  • FEATURE: Debugger shows symbolic name of events when tracing
  • FEATURE: WinAlan now generates the output file in the correct directory if a source file is dropped on the WinAlan icon
  • BUGFIX: Locating something inside itself hanged the interpreter, now generates controlled Application Error
  • BUGFIX: For Each loops with In-filters did not take transitivity into account, might now detect more errors
  • BUGFIX: Initial locations in containers did not consider the Taking of the container
  • BUGFIX: Debugger section trace crashed on verb bodies in locations

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Beta 3.0beta3

Released on:
Friday, 27 December 2013 01:00
  • MAJOR FEATURE: the class of parameters and locals can now be asserted using If .. Isa .. allowing general restrictions in parameter restrictions and more specific access (attributes, scripts, containers) with the If-statement
  • FEATURE: Attributes inherited from entity can now be referenced for literals
  • FEATURE: Debugger now has a command to toggle a levels of trace off and on
  • FEATURE: Debugger now lists the programmer name of instances as well as the player name
  • FEATURE: Debugger can now list instances matching a wildcard pattern ("instance a*")
  • FEATURE: Compiler now flags all occurrences of a multiply defined identifier
  • BUGFIX: Out of memory error in interpreter for very large game fixed
  • BUGFIX: sometimes locating a location At itself crashed the interpreter
  • BUGFIX: comparing strings with '' did not work
  • BUGFIX: using a location identifier as a direction sometimes caused a compiler crash
  • BUGFIX: A DEBUG message could be printed in some games in some circumstances


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Beta 3.0beta2

Released on:
Monday, 26 September 2011 02:00
  • FEATURE: radically improved rules handling to simplify usage which changed the context in which rules execute (Current Location and Current Actor no longer allowed in rules)
  • FEATURE: "Location Of" expression to retrieve the current location of an instance
  • FEATURE: syntax may now start with a parameter (an instance, like an actor name)
  • FEATURE: TRANSCRIPT statement in language
  • FEATURE: PROMPT section in language to control player input prompt
  • FEATURE: new debugger command language
  • FEATURE: tracing can now use symbolic parameter names
  • BUGFIX: if a dollar sign was followed by a character not defined as a printing symbol, that character was lost
  • BUGFIX: sometimes events would not be restored correctly from a save file
  • BUGFIX: positioning of error pointers in -cc mode was not always correct causing AlanIDE to point to the wrong place
  • BUGFIX: sometimes WinArun and Gargoyle interpreters hung on prompt
  • BUGFIX: undo after quit did sometimes crash

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